1. To persuade and encourage all licensed forwarding agents and logistics players in Selangor to be members - under one umbrella - with a view to adequately inform the members of all happenings related to the industry
  2. To promote, support and protect the common interests of all members through exchange and dissemination of correct and relevant information
  3. To provide a forum for discussion on all matters affecting members so as to make prudent and pragmatic decision that will promote, protect and benefit the members
  4. To conduct and organize professional training courses related to the industry for the benefit of members
  5. To establish and evolve a Code of Conduct among members, the observance of which will improve the overall quality and effectiveness of their services
  6. To establish linkages with other associations, locally and internationally related to the industry for sharing professional knowledge and best practices


Members Circular

2018 Gala Dinner

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